Roundabout Videos (Mini and Major)

Here are 2 Driving School Videos that should help you as an inexperienced learner deal with roundabouts while preparing for the UK driving test.

The first video should help provisional licence holders with UK mini-roundabouts, particularly being able to find gaps when there are many cars approaching from the right and thus avoid the common fault of undue hesitation.

The second driving lesson video covers mult-lane roundabouts, and uses the famous apex corner that is on the Mill Hill and Hendon Aviation Square driving test route.

How To Deal with Multi-Lane Roundabouts on a Dual Carriage

For the benefit of a few people who have made comments about some lane changes in the video, the driving instructor was following the road markings, and those of you familiar with these roundabouts will know why many provisional licence holders visiting this area for the first time on their driving test have problems.

Finally here is a bonus video to help you with the use of indicators at different types of roundabouts.

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