Driving Lesson - POM Video

Prepare, Observe and Move Routine

In this driving lesson video I explain POM, the technique a learner driver should always use when moving a car off from a stationary position, usually from a parked position on the left and when carrying out any of the set exercises you might get on the DSA driving test.

To get the car prepared in a manual car, you would use the clutch to select either 1st gear or reverse, set the gas (press down the accelerator a little bit and hold it still), find the bitting point (this is the bit a lot of learner drivers find hard, it is not covered in this video, as the pupil could do it okay) by slowly bring the left foot (clutch) up until you hear a change in the engine noise, at this point you need to keep both feet still as the car is now Prepared.

Carry out your observations as mentioned in the driving lesson video, making sure you don't just go through the motions, but allow your eyes to register the information. If it is safe, you can now move off by putting the handbrake down, bring the clutch up a litte bit, once the car starts to move hold the left foot still while you steer the car into the road or perform the test maneuver you have been asked to do. If you develop the habit of always using POM during your drving lessons, then you won't find yourself being penalised by the DSA driving examiner during your road test!

For more detailed information about the POM routine and other DSA driving systems visit Ann's driving lessons blog and follow her as she prepares for the UK driving test.

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